Tótum Revolútum, Season 2022-2023

Tótum Revolútum remains true to its origins. It was born out of the will of lovers of live music to find ways to connect and discover new bands, as well as to create new events related to culture in general and music in particular. 

Tótum Revolútum, organizers and promoters of the music festival with the same name and with eight editions already under its belt, embarks again on a crusade for quality live music, this time organizing a series of monthly shows that will be held in Auditori Calàbria 66 in Barcelona. Tótum Revolútum spearheads this initiative, which revolves around the promotion and dissemination of music genres like Progressive Rock, Post Rock, Jazz, or any other high-quality and open-minded style. That said, Tótum Revolútum does have any autoimposed restrictions in terms of musical styles, yet it advocates for bands with their own music.

Having recovered from the pandemic, seemingly for good, this year 2022 will again see the organization of a series of monthly shows full of great music. Hence, Calabria 66 will become again the meeting point of music lovers enjoying amazing bands of the Catalan and Spanish scenes such as Vidus, Back to R'lyeh, Time Lost, Serapis Project or 11 Bis.

Bands and dates

Vidus - September 10, 2022

Back To R'lyeh + Time Lost - October 8, 2022

Serapis Project - November 12, 2022

11Bis - December 17, 2022

Mux - February 11, 2023

Abraham Sarache + Mixu - April 22, 2023

Join us!

Pics from 2022-2023

The venue

Calàbria 66 in Barcelona offers to distinguished spaces, both equally suited to the festival. On the one hand, the concert hall has a capacity of 180 people and has the necessary equipment to satisfy the high demand of bands and the expert audience. On the other hand, there is an open space in the ground floor which hosts a bar, merchandising stores, as well as a small stage that fits perfectly to acoustic shows. All of this following the special restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 situation we have been immersed into.